Assuming your mower is like mine, check the bolts that hold the handle to the mower. They charge fine and if I used the on a low draw system they work fine, but as soon as I put one in my lawn mower or weed whacker they run for a few minutes… stop… then a minute or two later then start up again. Can the cells be replaced, making it new again, if this continues to happen? Yes David we have a OP40261 2.6Ah battery doing exactly what you say. Is this a symptom of old batteries? It’s good practice to remove the batteries from the charger – so it could have caused problems. Re-insert the battery into the charger again and repeat steps 2-3. Hi Emily, I would suggest contacting support for this one. Does a solid green indicate the battery is charged or a solid red? At this time what can I do? Otherwise, you might need to contact Ryobi support. Hi Aaron, Then when I plugged the batteries back on their chargers, the light blinks just red on both. I tried to put it in a tool and nothing happens. Only one green light on battery. I would think that it is most likely a charger fault…. Has anyone had this issue? I bought a 40v weed eater and charged it last night to full. I have removed the hold down screw but need advice on replacing the post (removal mostly). Do you think I got a defective charger or a defective battery? Do you have another battery to try in the tool? Home location (size of the yard, trees, etc. Sounds like a tricky one. Nice job saved me the cost a new battery. Tell them your problem, and ask them if you can see and try the battery removal process for each model. Sounds like a battery that has just gotten old and tired. I felt it might be the switch since it got so hot, so I did buy a new switch, I have the same problem seems like over heats something then springs back to life when it cools. We solved this by having one person depress the button and pull, while another person pushes the battery out. same experience. Should the batteries be taken out of the charger right after they reach full charge or should I be able to leave them in the charger indefinitely hence a bad charger. I’m hoping that a charge cycle will reset it and if not I’ll try something else. Do you have any other batteries of the same type that do work? ... LiTHELi 40V Leaf Blower Cordless 480CFM 92MPH with Brushless Motor, 2.5AH Battery and Charger. Is there any reason that you can’t replace the battery? I pressed the button on the battery to see if It was fully charged and nothing lit up. I tried option 3 and it worked. No light nothing. Bare Tool (Battery and Charger NOT Included) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. When not under load the battery reads 38 volts once again. Sorry – no way to fix it that I know of. If it is a hot day, or you have been using your batteries already and they are quite hot, try throwing them in the fridge, or taking them to a cooler area for a short amount of time before trying to charge them again. Haven’t tested that out. Have you tried the suggestions in the article? I’ve just build up my knowledge over the years. Some people say that you dont need to condition Li-Ion batteries, others say you do. So let me ask you, if my battery is dead, is there no other way to bring it back to life, short of re-building the parts, which I have no knowledge of? It went through a complete charge and now I know not to let the battery completely drain. Aaron any idea on a Ryobi 40v hedge trimmer when the battery shows fully charged but the trimmer does nothing at all? It sounds like the battery is not being charged – or possibly even that the charger is not detecting that a battery is plugged into it at all. You were right. my Ryobi trimmer stopped working after the string coiled up twice, jamming in between. When you put it on the charger the red and green light flashes on the charger. Alan Brinkman. New battery on way. Excellent article. Remove battery, check lights. It seems like the battery has gone completely dead, and because the charger is dead (no lights) the battery won’t work anymore either. It didn’t even flash green, just went to solid green right away with no indication on the end of the battery that it’s charged and when put into the weed eater…didn’t run. I planned on using the motors and battery for some robotics projects. When you choose to click on a link that takes you to an external site, we may earn a commission from any sales made on that site thereafter. Then i took the battery out and put it back in and still nothing. Patience is required here – so read these instructions carefully and find somewhere comfortable to sit! I am trying to determine if I have a bad batteries or a bad charger. My battery is 4 months old and won’t charge. Check that the contacts on your charger and battery are clean and look to be where they are meant to be. I think it is easy to modify inside charger (a resistance value or something else), to reduce output power. Thus, the battery used in the leaf blower is P102 Ryobi battery. If I’m forced to buy another charger, I’ll have spend more $$ on chargers than the equipment alone. Electric blowers start up the first time, every time. Seems like it is charged but its not getting to the battery out put terminal. 7. Upon further inspection what I’ve discovered is that the plastic fins near the terminals of the battery have been warped, as if the battery overheated while in use. Is the battery getting hot? I currently have a Ryobi Trimmer Model P117 18 volt which is approximately 6 years old. Thanks! Any thoughts? The Ryobi 40v jet fan blower is a portable, cordless, gas-less leaf blower designed predominantly for non-commercial use. I have two Ryobi 40 volt Lith to run a chainsaw, 1 battery shows fully charged both on the charger and on the lights on the battery but will not even try to run the saw, the second battery shows defective on the charger ( red & green Lights flashing) with only one light on on the battery but runs the saw just fine. If you're looking for a leaf blower that will handle easy clean up jobs and light yard work, this will unquestionably fit the bill. It is certainly sounding like you have a dead battery Alan, which unfortunately means replacing it. Please try to let me know if you can! So I tested, ohmed the wiring, switch, and motor of the trimmer with all components testing good. I press and hold the “?” Button on my battery, all four lights flash twice, pause, then flash twice again. Now the charger flashes red and green as soon as it’s plugged in, without even having a battery mounted on it. Thanks in advance, Larry Green. You should be able to let your battery completely drain if it is used regularly. Yep, certainly sounds like a battery that needs replacing. They have always been kept inside. Hi John, it could be a faulty battery? Will the repair be covered under the 5-year warranty ? The Ryobi 40v has a fair amount of advantages and disadvantages, just like any other product would. The RYOBI 40V Lithium-Ion blower delivers takes cordless tools to the next level. Dpes this sound normal to anyone?? One of these being the narrower range of temperatures that they will operate, and charge in: Li-Ion batteries will generally charge between 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C). Best Portable Leaf Vacuum Ryobi VacAttack Leaf Blower. Using an electric or gas fan is inconvenient. After returning the blower I then went to Home Depot and purchased the RYOBI 40V Jet Fan Blower. Any ideas? thanks! It uses the same Lithium-Ion battery pack that powers the entire Ryobi line of products, making it easy to charge, change, … CDN$ 259.99 CDN$ 259. I have the same symptoms with a battery someone gave me. Not sure to be honest. On the right side (looking as if you are pushing the mower) at the handle/mower connection, there is a small switch that must be activated to tell the mower the handle is fully set in the “use” position, not the “fold for storage” position. I had discovered method 3 myself. Then today I cleared the snow again and following the cleanup, I placed that battery in the charger again, and again, it will not take a charge. I put the battery in the weed eater and nothing happened. To me it seems like the battery might be going into a protection mode for some reason? Thanks for the article. Hi, I attach battery and it blinks red three times, then blinks green three times, then solid red, then no lights whatsoever. That is usually a sign that the battery has had it. once you get the rhythm it goes pretty quick. Just before the red/green lights start flashing, remove the battery from the charger. Ryobi 40V battery (96 Wh), 3 years old, will charge. The terminals may be covered on your battery – but I would not recommend that fix unless you have some knowledge in electronics and batteries. Best bet is to give the manufacturer a call and find out. I tried method three, and all it did was ruin my charger. Initially, it had 40 volts across the terminals, and would not power a trimmer, so I assumed the trimmer was bad and replaced it. Bad charger? It’s hard. If I release the trigger, and tap the outlet or remove and replace the battery it will start but only runs for 30 seconds or so. I get to 4 green lights and if I use it it will just stop and when I put it back on the charger it show 3 green lights and charges up to the 4 green light and works for awhile. Press in the release button all the way and PULL HARD. Hahaha! Maybe the battery is getting too hot, and when you leave it for a few minutes it cools down enough to work again. I also experienced a battery failure, under warranty, and Ryobi shipped a replacement battery and charger. . If you want enough power to clean up an acre yard in Autumn, it's unlikely that any Lithium-Ion powered leaf blower will be up to the task. The battery doesn’t charge nor does it work in the trimmer. The Ryobi 40v Blower does come with an included Lithium-Ion battery as well as a charging station, which takes 90 minutes to deliver a full charge. bought new rebuilt charger. Because the severity of arthritis can differ so much from person to person, I would recommend going to your local hardware store and having a look at what they have there. I can;t find any info with the code you included – can you provide a model of the battery itself? Unfortunately, if fix 3 isn’t working for you then you may just have a dead battery. Then I tried plugged in the charger with the battery already in it. This is the second season I’m using this mower and I left the battery on charge all winter. I then tried to put it back into the charger and it goes straight to solid green. Keeping your lawn and garden looking its pristine best needn't take a lot of time or effort. Evaluating the Ryobi 40v properly requires a detailed competitive analysis. Your email address will not be published. Is there a fix for this? I have a 40 volt Ryobi that displays a 100% charge, but only has 19 volts on the terminals. The weed eater and blower are only 18 months old and not used much. Garage is not heated and I just went out and saw that the charger was red. I went to use the drill, grabbed the battery from the charger and it didn’t work. You may have the same problem. 1st the charger was flashing green, & I had 2 lights flashing, then a little while later the charger turned flashing red, & battery went down to 1 cell being charged. tools.) So I tried them both in the weed whacker and it didn’t work either. Not an overheating problem as the batteries do not get hot.. seems like a current issue. All opinions are our own we pride ourselves on keeping our articles fair and balanced. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Replace the FET on the heatsink. When the charger is empty and first plugged in, it showed flashing red light ( the manual says it should be steady red light). I left them in the charger several hours just to see if the lights were incorrect but the voltage stayed around 19. Jet Fan Blow Tube. Hi Lynn, Essential Home and Garden provides trustworthy reviews, guides and tips for anything and everything to do with the home and garden. Is there a date code anywhere? The Ryobi 40v Blower works by utilizing a dual-fan impeller situated in a clear housing at the center of the unit. Can dropping the battery cause it to be inoperable? I have a 40 volt 5 ah Ryobi battery. Are you able to check a different charger? Or even a faulty battery. The main board has 42 volts. This blower has a jet fan design for increased air flow, delivering an impressive 500 CFM and 110 MPH of clearing power. Hi Sherm thanks for the comment. In 1 minute increments, followed by a charge attempt. I tried in another charger but it did the same thing. What does this mean? Due to COVID-19, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. For them and other stubborn material like wet leaves and debris, this Ryobi leaf blower’s turbo mode is … Thanks. Alternatively, use the contact form here or ask in our Facebook group. To save yourself some frustration, keep your expectations reasonable. RYOBI 125 MPH 550 CFM 40V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Jet Fan Leaf Blower with 4.0 Ah Battery If I forget and leave them in the charger for a day or two they don’t work anymore. Smaller oak leaves are a pain in the neck and 10.4 Newtons doesn’t inspire much movement for the ones caught up in the grass. Put it back on the charger to get back to full, start trimming again and it does the same thing. Dear Lord, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for these tips! Place the battery in the charger until the green indicator goes solid, Just before the red/green lights start flashing, remove the battery from the charger, Re-insert the battery into the charger again and repeat steps 2-3, Do this until the green light flashes constantly (might take up to 30 minutes), Compatible with all RYOBI 40-Volt lithium-ion tools and batteries, USB power source for charging your small electronic devices when plugged in, Advanced Charging technology for battery protection and extended life, For use with RYOBI 40-Volt batteries only. The voltage on the battery only reads 27volts from the + to the – terminal on the battery. Is it charging correctly? The most common cause for your Ryobi 40V Charger showing flashing red and green lights is that the battery has been over-discharged. Yes, there are still the tried-and-true gas-engine models, but suburban homeowners are getting on … Otherwise there are some third party batteries on Amazon that are a direct replacement for the P104’s here: By all reports these batteries are just as good as genuine Ryobi’s. The trimmer is not defective as I tried a spare battery and the trimmer works. When placed in either of my devices it will not work. Glad we could be of help Be sure to sign up to our newsletter here! I would guess its likely the battery though. My guess is that there is something wrong with the tool. But that does sound suspiciously like it could be faulty circuitry on the batter control board. Comply with FCC RoHS and CE security testing standards, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The obvious benefit to the Ryobi 40v Blower is the quick, “grab and go” design. Arron my Ryobi charger shows solid red the battery has no charge and the light stays red when i try to use the weed eater it goes for a second then stops then goes the again any suggestions will be nice Then I re-plugged it in and the SOLID RED light came on and stayed. Aaron is the founder of and Essential Home and Garden. If it is exceptionally cold where you usually store/charge your batteries, bring them inside and let them warm up to room temperature and then try charging them again. I would appreciate your comments. Any ideas appreciated. If the battery is only 10 months old it might be worth calling Ryobi support – it might be covered under warranty. Best Jet Fan 40 V Leaf Blower Ryobi 40v Cordless Jet Fan Blower. Thanks for letting me know. All 4 green lights on the battery and solid green light on charger. I only used the high power mode. My battery mower goes on but cuts out any suggestions on what to do. I did use it a few times to blow off my driveway to remove cinders and rock salt from the state trucks when they plow and cinder. Thanks for any suggestions, Lights showing full charge, 19 volts and not working. Yes it is possible to replace the battery, I’m trying not to because of the expense. I have similar problems with a few 40v batteries I own. It certainly sounds like your charger may need replacing. The average run time with a full charge is roughly 30 minutes, which is great for cleaning the driveway or front yard but nowhere near enough time to deal with a huge pile of leaves. 110 MPH 525 CFM 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Variable-Speed Jet Fan Leaf Blower with 4.0 Ah Battery and Charger Included The RYOBI 40V Jet Fan Blower uses Gas-Like The RYOBI 40V Jet Fan Blower uses Gas-Like Power to make yard cleanup a breeze. Have you tried the methods in the article? I cannot remove the battery from the hedger to charge. An issue with this battery…any advice? Is it possible the battery is frozen inside, & won’t budge? Does that sound like the battery or the charger? Good evening. Contractor's Assistant: How old is your Ryobi leaf blower? Amazon has other batteries such as Ryobi OP4030, or Lasica OP4050A. I’m not sure of the age. Thank you for your help comments. This points to the tool itself is the problem. Your email address will not be published. I have a P104 lithium battery that shows full charge on both the charger and on the battery, but will not work when placed in any of my Ryobi tools.