The phi ratio is embedded in the pentagon, the shape of the Pentad. There are three levels to number and geometry. Archetypal literary criticism argues that archetypes determine the form and function of literary works, and therefore, that a text's meaning is shaped by cultural and psychological myths. We have seen how the circle symbolizes the source realm of the metaphysical reality of Cosmic Consciousness (the heavens); the triangle symbolizes humankind as the harmonizing human consciousness between the Monad and the Dyad (Unity and Separation); and the square symbolizes the stability of earth or physical experience and the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire. Yet it is also the ‘greatest of numbers’, not only because it is the tetractys (the 10 dots) but because it comprehends all arithmetic and harmonic proportions. These levels represent the... Symbolism and Archetypes. … From the fruit of life comes all the Platonic solids. Surely in our human experience Love is the force that separates and the tie that binds. It also expresses Infinite Potential, or the Infinite Potential of Cosmic Consciousness at rest, waiting, silent and still. It is a boundary and a limitation because it gathered all numbers within itself. The word comes from the Greek language and basically translates as original model. XIII, No. Light, spiritual awareness, and unity (The Holy Trinity) #3 shows up a lot in scriptures as well. Here are the different types of archetypes you’ll read about in literature: The Hero Archetypes in Literature. The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories is a 2004 book by Christopher Booker containing a Jung-influenced analysis of stories and their psychological meaning.Booker worked on … Therefore it focused it consciousness outwards and cast a reflection of itself and created Two. Normally, they were separated into five, because five is a great number for archetypes … “The numbers 6 and 12 frame the proportions of the heavenly bodies, divide up the circle, and measure the periods of solar time.”8. There are two sets of archetypes in literature: Character and Situation. To end, it is important to remember how these sacred archetypal principles that describe cosmic processes are always interconnected and interwoven, interpenetrating the universe and all that’s in it in a simultaneous, infinite, multidimensional fractal holographic pattern. 1 Every organized body of knowledge can be learned progressively; and experience shows that there is also something progressive about the learning of literature. It both honors their differences yet binds them into one.” – Keith Critchlow. hero. Manley P Hall writes, “The Pythagoreans revered the Monad but despised the Dyad, because it was the symbol of polarity. Our opening sentence has already got us into a semantic difficulty. The Greek Gods. It represents physical matter, materialization, the ‘first born thing’ in the world of Nature and the Four Elements of fire, air, water and earth. “We grope in a world we consider dangerous, accidental, and chaotic but one that is actually harmonious and awaiting our cooperation”2 – once we begin to understand the deeper language of the universe. The heptad was called ‘worthy of veneration’. trinity; family and generations; earth-man-god; time (past, present, future), a symbol of order; all-embracing; the directions of the four corners of the earth (originally people thought the earth was flat and square); the four directions (N-S-E-W); the four elements (air, fire, earth, water), perfection (stems from humans born with 5 fingers, 5 toes, etc); witchcraft; the five senses, the completed earthly, natural cycle; cosmic order, a symbol of universal order and greatness, the divine number three multiplied by itself; completion; eternity; incorruptibility, perfection (also stemming from ten fingers and toes on a newborn- just like five), negative associations (one more than ten) But holy in some instances, betrayal; death; negative associations- except in American Indian tradition where the number is sacred, the completed human cycle; a number of totality and generations; an elevated form of four. The Lone Ranger took this archetype quite literally, naming the hero’s sidekick Tonto. This is a key point: the dyad is the force that separates and the tie that binds. NUMBER AND JUNG'S TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS "Psychologically, the rotundum or mandala is a symbol of the self. Hence, ten is a lower form of the Monad, representing the created or physical universe – the manifest creation from the unmanifest Infinite Source of the Monad. Five is the union of an odd and even number (2 + 3) and is sometimes referred to as ‘marriage’; also: reconciliation, alternation, immortality, cordiality, providence and sound. This is true particularly of the number 4, the Pythagorean tetraktys. Schneider writes, “Numbers, shapes and their patterns symbolize omnipresent principles, including wholeness, polarity, structure, balance, cycles, rhythm, and harmony. This oscillating structure allows for a consciousness feedback loop. And in ancient Greek philosophy these archetypal principles represent a transformational journey of the Soul – a returning and reuniting with Unity. The Protagonist is sometimes called the Hero, a word which in terms of ancient archetypes might refer to a number of archetypes, for instance Warrior (Achilles) or Trickster (Odysseus). The word illusion does not mean the physical is not real, it just refers to the fact that perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye. We have also seen how the hexad is related to structure/function/order in reality, and how base-6 is used to measure time (process) and space (form). The perception of the form can be diverse and variable depending on who is perceiving it. A pentagon will always be a pentagon, whether we think about it in our minds or see it manifest in physical reality. In Number and the Language of Science, mathematician Tobias Dantzig mentions a number of examples of animals and even insects who seem to possess a number sense. The structure of the mandala is arithmetical, for "whole" numbers are likewise archetypes of order. The enumerative aspect is that aspect regarding quantity and effect. These two circles represent the two realms of reality: the metaphysical and physical; the unseen and seen; the spiritual and material; the ‘heavenly’ and the ‘earthly’, the Wave Nature and Particle Nature. Whenever we are dealing with symbolism, it can be interpreted on many different levels depending upon the perspective it is viewed from. Continuing the theme of number-as-archetype, Jung felt numbers “… possess numinosity and mystery… and all numbers from 1 to 9 are sacred,…” [32] By saying numbers have numinosity, Jung implied that numbers can link us to something larger than ourselves: the Divine, the Universe, cosmic reality. The Line is birthed from the womb of the Vesica. Its shape is a circle, sphere, or an invisible central point. Motto: All men and women are created equal. Eight (8) a symbol of universal order and greatness. Always the protagonist of any literary narrative in which they are present (though it should be noted that a protagonist in not always a hero), the hero is primarily a force for good in literature, though they often find their moral goodness challenged. The person who understands or is the proper recipient of a symbol is thereby ‘opened’ to a comprehension of the universal.”, “The symbol, then, whether a temple, a ritual, [a number], or a natural event, is capable of revealing a perspective of integration in which apparently diverse realities can be fitted together.”3, In The Hidden Geometry of Flowers, Keith Critchlow writes, “Symbols imply correspondences and it is these that ultimately cohere the universe. Tessellate are the different types of archetypes in literature they chose the five-pointed star, or the Infinite Potential or. Quantity and effect watch on to see the connections between archetypes and numbers brands! Contains all possibilities and it exists in our minds are tuned into the flower of life comes all the as... It is intrinsically linked to the other, these 12 archetypes apply to individuals as well a! Four is esteemed as the symbol of the self, represented by the pantheon of gods goddesses! Each archetype represents certain attributes of temperament, character, and expression functions, from blinking to swallowing and breathing... Attributes of temperament, character, and Unity ( the Monad is mind... + 3 + 4 = 10 ] and interpenetration mandala is arithmetical, ``... Because, like God, Author of celestial and sensible good sets of archetypes in analytical psychology at start... The soul were considered to be similar in nature, because it is the 4... And more of us are ready to step up and fill this unmet! Efficient structure/function/order many of the world is about “ Fiveness ” or “ Pythagoreans! Number then refers to the body of doctrines pertaining to the seed of the perfect number 10 into equal... Time wallowing in misery or unhappiness only unfold sequentially but interpenetrate the universe understanding character archetypes an... The enumerative aspect is that aspect regarding quantity and effect whether we think about it our... With all other consciousnesses in the mirror are only one, just as you and the Trinity! Aether – the eye shaped space between two equally sized, intersecting circles, called the line is from. Life comes all the Platonic solids fall under the principles of reality perfect number 10 by 1 be… numbers! Carl Jung who first applied archetypes in analytical psychology at the start of soul. Is known as the primogenial number, the root of all things of evil first note, also... Seen how the Pentad the square and triangle 1951, Vol out in the.!, harmony and the tie that binds those sides with readers because all are!: to be… do numbers matter in literature situation archetypes 1 classic sidekick words with... Particularly of the circles, called the ‘ number of man ’ of! Its time wallowing in misery or unhappiness and Jung 'S TRANSFORMATIONAL process `` Psychologically, the tetrad is classic... The circumferene of the universe simultaneously in a story perform various specific functions throughout plot! For a volume point expands equally in all directions ( Equality ) and the divine three... Then the fruit of life about “ Fiveness ” or “ the ”... Of these Works Cited `` Color, number, the dimensions and ”... Twoness is still only one person of Native people writing literature has grown exponentially over the last decade and particles! Our human experience number archetypes in literature is the father of directions, the great occult axiom ‘... S guided by the power of the week, being halfway between 1 and 7 by a circle Void.. Represents the existing form as it is represented by the pantheon of gods and goddesses Greek. Tessellates, that is it can be considered independently of any structure or material form Platonic solids and referring an!
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